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Juan Karlos Torres

J.K. Torres
Digital Artist

About the artist

I've being doing art for as far as I can remember, and I can't imagine my life without it.
I love the work, the discipline, and the unwavering dedication that goes into creating a unique piece of art.

My love of art, movies, as well as my love of computers started at a very young age.
I am proud to say that through the years I have experimented with most artistic mediums, and although I like to work with many of them, I have found sculpting and 3D modeling to be my favorite artistic disciplines.
I began experimenting with 3D in 2002, and haven't stopped since. It started as a hobby, but eventually it turned into my main artistic medium. I began working on hard-surface models at first, but eventually graduated into organic modeling, and in the last few years I have dedicated my time and efforts into sharpening my 3D sculpting skills.

I am a 3D character modeler first and foremost, but I consider myself a jack of all trades. I just simply love every aspect of VFX, and what it takes to put a movie together. I've done my fair share of lighting rigs, I have successfully rigged characters, I've done color maps for my models, as well as matte paintings for my backgrounds.
I love doing concepts drawings of characters, vehicles and fantasy worlds. I have a serious weak knee for particle simulations, and try to integrate them in my work as much as I can. I've also done my fair share of rendering, compositing and post-production work.

Aside from art, my other true passion lies with old American cars, specifically old MOPARS. I have worked on cars since I was in my teens, and just as with art, I like the dedication that goes into restoring and modifying cars.

Thank you so much for visiting my gallery, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Juan Karlos Torres